SIRA 2:1 Tincture (CBD:THC 2:1)





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With a CBD-to-THC ratio of 2:1, this unflavored tincture will provide a double dose of CBD with just a mild dose of THC psychoactivity. A great option for those in search of a functional, full-spectrum dose of cannabinoids.

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  • I searched a long time for a REAL CBD oil that wasnt some fake gas station CBD from China with little to no actual CBD in it. I wanted a full spectrum CBD that was derived from Cannabis, not the pressed hemp seed garbage that doesnt give you all the medical benefits your seeking. Once I found this company and brand, i tried out this 2 to 1 mix and its PERFECT. I get all the benefits of a full spectrum, cannabis derived, locally sourced, recently made, potent CBD oil and this is it. I am VERY happy with this kind and even at I llike that I can take a 50/mg daily dose and the THC isnt strong enough to impair me at all. The CBD content is high and the THC content is low but enough to obtain all the medical benefits. If your looking for a top CBD oil and are sick of trying all the crap out there, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! A+++